Considering purchasing a cherry picker?

Applications of Cherry Pickers

Are you considering purchasing a cherry picker/sakselift? Cherry pickers are beneficial for more than simply picking fruit. They can find a whole world of applications around your property. The following are just some of the most popular applications for these versatile machines:

1. Picking fruit

This is an obvious one. The name says it all. Cherry pickers are designed to help make the process of picking fruit efficient. They are designed to enhance safety, productivity and efficiency on farms.

The task of picking fruit from lift high levels can be quite dangerous. It also takes a lot of time moving ladders from one tree to another, not to mention having to navigate through a network of branches and leaves to get to the fruit.

This equipment allows you to access fruit on all levels much quicker and more safely. It ensures health and safety by providing a platform on which to place heavy baskets of harvested fruits. No fruit will stay hidden with a cherry picker to assist you.

1. Maintenance

Are there tall buildings around the farm that need painting or other types of maintenance? Cherry pickers can be a lifesaver/liftutleie when it comes to painting, repairs, replacement and maintenance. You can safely access them with a cherry picker. You don’t have to risk your safety climbing up to high places. You can easily access these places with a cherry picker. Working with awkward angles at great heights will no longer be a problem.

1. Fire safety

Firemen make use of cherry pickers to access upper levels of burning buildings without placing themselves at risk. They don’t have to place a ladder against the burning building. They can easily get equipment into the building and help get people and items out of the building safely with a cherry picker/kurs to assist them.

1. Telephone line servicing

Cherry pickers are the equipment of choice with telephone line service companies. They provide a safe and easy way to access the telephone cable. You don’t have to climb up telephone poles to reach equipment. The platform of the cherry picker also provides a safe and easy way to lift heavy equipment to high levels. It provides a comfortable base to work from.

1. Filming

Pickers can also be used for filming events or programs. They offer camera crews an easy way to change filming levels.

A cherry picker offers a wide variety of applications. It’s a great investment for increased efficiency and safety.